What Was the Brief?

We were asked to look at different projects where we could involve Kellogg’s Squares bars and decided that the student market was perfect for the product in question. The goal was to distribute more than 200,000 Kellogg’s Squares bars at four university campuses across the North; Liverpool, Leeds, Northumbria and Sheffield. The main focus was to engage the audience, driving both brand awareness and sales across local retailers.

What Did We Do?

The mission for the team was to blend into a Halloween themed weekend at Alton Towers with an expected distribution of over 25,000 Squares bars across the two days. We needed to create an engaging environment with a good operational process capable of distributing the Squares samples to as many members of the public as possible. We did this by creating the ultimate Haunted Hospitality Suite injected with a ‘dead’ DJ booth, a spooky selfie space and interactive ghostly games.

What Was the Outcome?

The result was spectacular and we were delighted to surpass the target sample goal! In addition to this, 2,150 people visited our Haunted Hospitality Suite and all feedback we received from the visitors was incredibly positive. Squares branding was prevalent throughout and we even used a spooky smoke effect outside the suite to create a creepy atmosphere adding to the overall spectacle of our dead disco flash mob performance!

"The team from UTC Corporate dealt with every eventuality and last-minute changes by Kellogg’s to deliver a truly exceptional experiential event exactly to brief. Surpassing the sample goal and fitting perfectly into the Scarefest surroundings. Highly recommended and already booked for our next activation!”

— SARAH MCFALL, Kellogg's Marketing Manager