Dr Oetker: Great British Bake Off Sponsorship


What Was the Brief?

When Dr Oetker came to us asking for a musical act to get involved with the sponsorship of Great British Bake Off, we knew they’d come to the right place. The brief was to create bespoke musical content for their baking goods advert/sponsorship for Great British Bake Off on Channel 4. It had to be harmonic and catchy, with elements of humour incorporated in order to capture the audiences attention - and luckily for them, our bespoke barbershop quartet, Afternoon Delight, were the perfect men for the job!

What Did We Do?

We contacted our uniquely talented act, Afternoon Delight Barbershop Quartet, to begin brainstorming some initial ideas. This was a lengthy process which took lots of attention to detail as it was imperative that the team created the perfect catchy harmonies and fitting strap lines to align with the Bake Off theming. Once all of the ideas were finalised, practiced and finessed, we recorded all of the vocal jingles to be used within an animation as sponsorship of Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off.

What Was the Outcome?

Check out our video above to take a look for yourself! For one brief moment in time, our Afternoon Delight Barbershop Quartet turned into a tasty 3-tier cake rolling out those sweet, sweet harmonies.